Thursday, September 3, 2009

Antique Roses and Antique Houses!

Old houses do have their charm, and antique roses are incredibly hardy. I have tried to move this rose plant several times in the last 25 years, but it keeps coming back. And it isn't satisfied with just a homey spot outside the livng room window. It really wants to be part of the family!
No wonder we use so much firewood in the winter!


Lady Farmer said...

Wow! How cool is that!? I bet you are the only person to have an indoor living rose arrangement!
The neatest things happen at your Home Sweet Home! ;~}

The B's said...

Hi Mrs. H! I realize it's been a little while since you posted here, but I have missed updates from Home Sweet Home! I will be sure to check in often to see what's new! =)

Thank you so much for visiting our new blog. That mouse dress is pretty amazing, isn't it? Hope to hear from you again soon!