Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet Mama Coonie

Coonie was raised in our house, with cats. The
other night she came by and a feral cat showed
up too. I figured there would be a fight, but
sweet Coonie just let this unknown cat eat right
along side her.

A few minutes later all 4 of Coonies babies came
galloping up and chased the cat away. The kitty
stayed about 4 feet away growling about his


Michele said...

Oh sweet Coonie! What a fun pet. I love all your animal "connections". =)

Lady Farmer said...

Welcome back to blogland! You've been missed. You always seem to have the most wonderful animal adventures at your home. I miss seeing you, my friend. We must get together one of these days.
Till then,

Ginger said...

How cute love coons there so cute!
Enjoyed your blog very much.My grandfather had two pet coonies they were mean but fun to watch!
hugs ginger

Michele said...

Hello! If you happen to check your comments, I wanted to let you know that Mom is having her cute apron give-away, so you should enter the drawing! Talk to you guys again soon!